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Pretending things are safe is no longer enough

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME:s) face a 3.5x higher risk to be targeted by cyberattacks than do large enterprises

“This only happens to others” and “we are not a target, because we have nothing of value” simply is’t true


Consultants and enterprise solutions are too costly

Many solutions are built for enterprises, require an entire security team and are too expensive for SME:s

Paying a consultant to look after your security cost you by the hour and is generally also too costly

We have an amazing offer for you

Same competitive and transparent pricing

Powerful protection at powerful prices


We have an amazing offer for you

Flexible pricing - only pay for what you need
Fixed fee/company + flexible fee per user


50 kr/user
Understand your status and needed updates in your current setup:
  • Current anti-virus update check
  • Failed login check
  • Backup check
  • File System Space Change Check
  • Log File Check
  • Physical Disk Health Check
  • Only available on Windows
  • And more…


50 kr/user
Entire Current Status package plus scan of your current vulnerabilities:
  • Scan your systems for vulnerabilities
  • Scan your system to locate your sensitive data
  • Get financial impact estimates of found risks for prioritization
  • Identify inappropriate user access
  • Only available on Windows
  • Reporting to organization and  Board


Use your existing solutions or add any of the following services to your package:
  • Next-generation antivirus 25 kr
  • Backup of documents 25 kr
  • Backup of entire harddrive 100 kr

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